News: From The Stork Bespoke Baby opens today [19/7/2021] - From The Stork Bespoke Baby

News: From The Stork Bespoke Baby opens today [19/7/2021]

Parents Andy and Steph Lane have launched a store specialising in baby gifts and clothes - after being inspired following the birth of their daughter.

From The Stork Bespoke Baby opens at Trentham Shopping Village today.

Last year, Steph gave birth to the couple's daughter Aubrey Rose, now aged 11 months.

Her birth provided the Audley couple, with the inspiration to start selling their own baby items.

As well as gift items, From The Stork also stocks baby clothing for children from newborn age to 24 months - and the pair hope the shop will become the area's go-to place for personalised baby gifts.

Inside new baby shop From The Stork Bespoke Baby at Trentham Shopping Village

The baby boutique also offers in-house personalisation - which co-owner Steph has more than a decade of experience doing. Meanwhile Andy has always worked in retail, and he's looking forward to using those skills in the shop.

Andy said: "We'd been thinking about it for a while - we think it's something that Trentham is missing.

"We saw the unit was available and we just decided to take the opportunity.

"There were definitely some nerves, but whilst the shop was available, we wanted to go for it - it's a new adventure for us.

"We're really lucky to be here in Trentham Shopping Village because it's a great location. It's the ideal spot for us because there's a lot of gift shops, and it does feel like a great place to come to if you need to buy presents.

"We'd love to be the go-to place for baby gifts."

For creative Steph, creating personalised baby items has been a new challenge after 10 years of personalising other items from home.

"The baby side of things is the newest thing for me," said Steph.

"I've also been working from home for the past 10 years, so coming out and doing something that is really customer-facing will be a new challenge.

"We're both a little bit nervous, but also really excited - we do think it's something new for the area."

Andy added: "As parents we know what the customer wants, and whilst you can buy a lot of baby items online, it's nice to be able to come into a shop and really see and feel exactly what you're buying.

"Especially when you need something for a gift, like a Christening or birthday, you can pop in and get it straightaway rather than having to wait for it to arrive."

Brands stocked in the shop include Blade and Rose, Joules Baby and From The Stork's own original items.

And to keep customers safe, there will be a maximum of eight customers in the shop at a time, hand sanitiser available and a one-way system, made clear with floor markings.

Steph said: "We've transformed the space over the last four weeks. When we got the keys it was just a shell, but we've put up a wall to give us a back area for the machines.

"We're able to personalise items here in the shop for customers when they come in, straightaway.

"Some of our favourite items are our teddies and other stuffed animals. Our embroidered items, such as the personalised little bath robes, are really nice and would make really good gifts."

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