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What is a baby shower?

A baby shower is the perfect way to celebrate a great milestone in an expectant parents life but what actually is a baby shower? in this blog we help to explain what a baby shower is and some great ideas to host one.

So... what actually is a baby shower? 

A baby shower is a party intended for mum to be and her impending baby, To 'shower' mum with love & good wishes. A baby shower typically involves food and gifts for mum to be to ensure she has everything needed for little ones arrival before hand and typically is between 2-4 hours long. 

When do you have the shower? 

Baby showers are typically held in the last trimester of pregnancy (weeks 29-40) but most commonly around four weeks before mums due date, this allows mum to still have time to purchase any other items she may need and babies can be unpredictable so any closer to due date and baby may be here! 

Who Attends the baby shower?

Baby showers are mainly attended by female friends & family but its best to ask mum to be as its her shower so she can have who she wants. Over the last few years it has become more common for male friends & family to attend the celebration also.

 What to take as a gift?

This is the tricky part as you dont want to be duplicating presents, it maybe a good idea for mum to put a wishlist together of items she has yet to buy and share this with the guests before hand. 
Gifts should be both practical but thoughtful and from the heart.

- If mum has chosen a name, personalised items are a firm favourite, from comforters and blankets or changing bags these are both practical but also unique that they can keep and cherish. 

- Clothing is always much needed with new babies and as such are a popular gift at showers. Think about seasons and sizes when buying these

- Nappy Cakes. yes you heard right, nappy cakes. These are a great gift and something out of the ordinary. A nappy cake is a tiers cake like structure made from nappies and other essential items mum & baby will need. you can look to make your own and add specific items you feel mum will need or buy a ready done one that includes these items. 

- Gifts for mum. People can easily be distracted by the impending arrival of new baby and forget what mum may need also. Things such as skin creams, books, a pregnancy pillow, pamper sessions are all great ways to help mum out. 

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