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What do you send to a couple who is expecting a baby?

When a couple are expecting a baby, sending a thoughtful and practical gift is a wonderful way to congratulate them and show your support. Here are some thoughtful and popular gift ideas to consider:

  1. Baby Clothes: Gifting a set of adorable baby clothes, onesies, or outfits is always appreciated. Opt for gender-neutral options if the baby's gender is a surprise.

  2. Baby Blankets: Soft and cosy baby blankets are practical and comforting gifts that will keep the little one warm and snug and can even be personalised if little ones name has been revealed. 

  3. nappies and Wipes: A practical gift that every new parent will appreciate. You can put together a nappy and wipes bundle for the couple.

  4. Baby Care Products: Consider assembling a baby care basket with essential items like baby lotion, shampoo, baby wipes, and nappy cream.

  5. Baby Books: Board books or classic children's books are thoughtful gifts that parents can read to their child from an early age.

  6. Baby Toys: Soft plush toys, teething rings, and rattles are ideal for the baby's early development and entertainment.

  7. Baby Shower Gift Set: Put together a gift set with a variety of baby items like bibs, burp cloths, pacifiers, and onesies.

  8. Personalised Gifts: Consider personalised gifts like a baby blanket with the baby's name, or a personalised baby comforter.

  9. Gift Cards: If you're unsure about specific items or the parents' preferences, a gift card to a baby store allows them to choose what they need.

  10. Parenting Books: Consider gifting books on parenting and baby care that can offer valuable guidance and support to the new parents.

  11. Meal Delivery or Food Gift Cards: Cooking may become challenging during the early days of parenthood, so meal delivery services or food gift cards can be a practical and thoughtful gift.

  12. Baby Memory Book: A baby memory book allows the parents to document and preserve their baby's special moments and milestones.

  13. Baby Carrier or Wrap: A comfortable and ergonomic baby carrier or wrap can be a useful gift for hands-free bonding and ease of mobility.

  14. Nursing Accessories: If the mother plans to breastfeed, consider gifting nursing accessories like nursing pads, nipple cream, or a nursing cover.

Remember to include a heartfelt congratulatory note with your gift to express your joy and excitement for the expecting couple. Each gift, no matter how big or small, carries your love and support for the new chapter in their lives as they welcome their bundle of joy.

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