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How To Keep Your Nursery Cool This Summer

We all know that warm rooms at night can dramatically interrupt our sleep. Well this is the same for your baby too, Having your nursery too hot (or cold) can lead to sleepless nights for both you and baby. 

As babies cannot self regulate their temperature its up to you to ensure they and their nursery are at the ideal temperature so we have compiled this blog post for you to help with our tips and tricks this summer. 

The ideal temperature for your babies nursery is approx. 18 degrees, and a room thermometer is a great way to check what your dealing with. these will display the actual temperature within the room and also offer a colour changing light for the ideal heat range. 
These thermometers dont have to be limited to just their nursery, if you feel that your baby maybe too warm if they nap during the day they are portable so you can ensure wherever baby sleeps the room is at the correct temperature 

Keeping blinds & Curtains drawn throughout the day can help to stop the sun warming up rooms, and a fan running with an ice pack behind will also help but don't direct this directly at sleeping babies, ideally have this running through the day and switch off during the night. 

What Babies wear is incredibly important also, and this is dependant upon the temperature you can maintain throughout the night;

We love our Purflo Sleepbags & Swaddles and highly recommend these for all year around & from newborn upto 18 months of age.
The Below Table explains which items of clothing are recommended 

 Room Temp 0.5 Tog Sleepbag / Swaddle 2.5 tog with arms 2.5 tog No arms
24-27 degrees Nappy Only
22-24 degrees Vest
20-24 degrees Vest & Sleepsuit Long Sleeve Vest
18-20 degrees Vest & Sleepsuit Sleepsuit
16-18 degrees Vest & Sleepsuit Vest & Sleepsuit
14-16 degrees Vest & Sleepsuit Vest & Sleepsuit
under 14 degrees Vest & PJ's


For babies from newborn to four months of age, we recommend a swaddle bag which has breathable panels to aid in keeping baby at a comfortable temperature  and these can be used as a swaddle or a sleeping bag with intuitive features such as detachable arms & pop studs. 


Babies three to 18 months are recommended a sleepbag. Just like the swaddle bags these also have breathable panels fitted with aid in temperature control and the same detachable arms feature to ensure the same sleepbag can be used throughout a wide ranger of temperatures. 

Remember to keep baby hydrated throughout the day with cool water (sterilised if required) if bottle feeding or if breastfeeding  baby may require more feeds throughout the day. 

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