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Eating out with kids - my top tips

As a mother who has experienced the challenges of dining out with a weaning baby, I have compiled some tips to help fellow parents. Initially, feeding infants while eating out is easy; just feed them and wait for them to sleep. However, as babies grow, it becomes more complicated – particularly when they cry or make a mess.

Here are some tips that I've learned:

  1. Keep Calm & Carry On
    Babies Cry & thats OK. Develop a thick skin, make a few apologetic smiles and carry on

  2. Bring your own
    Pack your own portable booster seat & Weaning essentials for your baby instead of relying on restaurant high chairs. Not all highchairs are the same, some may not fit your weaning plates/bowls, some may not be comfortable for little one. Taking your own bowls, spoons and plates also helps with little ones routine and your stress levels! Our range of weaning includes suction plates that have carry cases so prepared food can be easily transported. 

  3. Plan Ahead
    Plan ahead with little ones who are following baby-led weaning, check out the menu before leaving the house, and order baby's food as soon as you sit down. We found giving little one a spoon to play with kept her amused until food had arrived. 

  4. Puree Delight
    If your baby is eating purees, consider using reusable pouches to feed them while dining out.

  5. Distraction, Distraction
    Sometimes nothing will settle little ones, Bring along their favourite toy or comfort blanket, if all else fails whip out the phone or tablet to keep your baby distracted and calm while you enjoy your meal.

These are just a few ways we found worked for us, and with all little ones, what works for one does'nt for another so if you have found any other useful tips comment below

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