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Buying Guide - Pram Toys

If you're going for a short walk around the block or doing the weekly food shopping, having a pram toy to keep your little one engaged is priceless. These toys not only distract and soothe your baby, but they also aid in their sensory development.
Are you unsure which pram toys to get for your child? Check out our list of  incredible pram toys to purchase in 2023.

Little Goose Activity Spiral by Little Dutch:

Babies love this Little Dutch activity spiral as there is so much to discover. The spiral can easily be attached to the playpen or to the pram bracket. This toy not only provides a lot of fun and entertainment, it also stimulates little ones hand-eye coordination.


Pull & Shake BumbleBee by Little Dutch:

This Little Dutch bumblebee will become your child's favourite friend. Pull the string and it will shake. What a funny feeling! This pull-and-shake toy will stay interesting to play with. Thanks to the ring, the bumblebee can easily be attached to the playpen, car seat or pram.


Winnie-the-Pooh unfold & Discover soft book:

This beautiful fabric Winnie the Pooh Unfold and Discover Activity Toy is a wonderful developmental toy to help encourage motor skills through play. This fun-packed Unfold and Discover Activity Toy features multiple textures, crinkles and activities and includes a baby-safe mirror, teether and high contrast colours for early visual stimulation, encouraging sensory play and helping to develop baby's early motor skills


Activity Jelly by done by deer:

Let curious eyes and little fingers explore Jelly's many sensory features. Grasp Jelly’s soft arms and hear them crackle or pull the toy link on top and everything will jitter. Feel the soft texture and discover the sweet mirror hiding underneath Jelly.
Let your little one find relief for itchy gums by chewing the rings, which will also make stimulating sounds. Little fingers will love to explore the colourful tags and the sweet bell will trigger curiosity.
With the toylink you can attach the cute jellyfish to e.g. a pram, stroller, car seat or playpen - always within reach for your little one.

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